Hi there! I am Swathi, a Design Consultant, Illustrator & Content Writer (and also a Social Media Manager, sometimes) based out of Hyderabad, India. I come with over 5 years of experience with UX/UI Design, Social Media Marketing, Illustration & Graphics and Content Writing.

Work at the studio is diverse for me. I work on UX projects; help with the strategizing, wireframing and brainstorming because I enjoy the process, come up with neat interfaces, logos, illustrations and graphics, along with curating and creating content for the many in-house blogs and websites. In the middle of all this, I also took care of Social Media of a team in the Premier Badminton League (more specifically the winning team, the Bengaluru Raptors).  As you can see I sure love to dabble with my work.

I’m fluent with the Adobe Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, and a teensy bit of After Effects and Indesign. For UX projects, I work well with the good old pen and paper strategy and prototyping along with InVision, Moqups and Sketch. I have a love for discovering new tools and the need to explore them and finding ways to integrate them into my design process. Currently, I am also into understanding the nuances of UX Writing and learning how to create animations/interactions in tools like Principle. I am a curious, open-minded designer who loves to dip her hands in everything; from strategy to design to content to social media to understanding how SEO works and affects search. I am a firm believer of understanding and working as per process, but also open to adjusting as per client needs.

Apart from professional work, I am also an independent artist and illustrator. I enjoy working with paper, watercolours, acrylics, hand lettering, brush lettering, doodle art and photography. I am a constant experimenter and quick learner, which is a great plus for me. I love to keep myself busy with learning and trying new things all the time. This constant trying out something new keeps me active and helps me generate new ideas at work too. I am majorly self-taught, be it professional work or on the personal front; Most of my learning has and still comes via gathering inspiration from other designers work, tutorials, videos, and lots and lots of hard work and patience. And even the luck of having some really good mentors along the way.

Apart from all the creative work I work on, I also enjoy sports (badminton and tennis – Go Federer! 🙂 ), reading, cooking, the occasional baking sessions, music, TV shows (Sherlock, FTW!), movies and the every once in a while catching up with friends.

Happening at the moment

  • A quest to improve my writing by blogging on Medium. You can find me here.
  • Strategizing, planning and building a product of my own.
  • Planning workshops and classes for the next few months.
  • Working on custom artwork for one client and an illustration project for another. (Need one? Hit me up!)
  • Experimenting and exploring materials like soft pastels, alcohol ink and mixed media art.
  • And… Trying to catch some sleep between all of the above 🙂

Connect with Me

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Stay in Touch

That’s a small brief about myself and the things I do. Design and art is something I love, I have a great interest in and wish to continue doing. For any more details regarding my work or if you require commissions, hit me up with the details below or get to me via the form in the contact page. You can also get in touch with me via email at