• Art Material and Supplies

    Art Supplies | What materials I use to create artwork

    Of late, I have been receiving plenty of queries regarding the materials I use for creating all of my artwork. Since I don’t stick to a particular style of art, I use a variety of stationery for every style I work on. I will be listing each and every tool, stationery, the material I use […]

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  • Creative Block image

    How To Get Over a Creative Block – Tips & Ideas

    A couple of days ago someone on Instagram asked me how I usually got over a creative block. And yes, I actually took time to answer because I had a sudden rush of memories related to going through a creative block. Hitting a creative block is not fun at all. You lose every bit of […]

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  • Floral Letters | An experiment with Gouache Painting

    As I have kept emphasising all over, I adore experimenting with mediums, styles and techniques, be it digital or by hand. There was a phase where I worked with gouache paints after looking over at inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. I created a series of letters and also a commissioned composition for a Tumblr blog. […]

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  • Mandala drawing blog image

    Tips to Draw a Mandala And Exploring Different Styles

    I discovered mandalas a little over 2 years ago. Back then, I didn’t know they were called mandalas. I used to draw circles filled with designs, motifs and patterns; not even knowing that it was called such. Fast forward to the present, I still wouldn’t call myself an expert in drawing them but have achieved […]

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  • blog feature

    The joy of doodling and doodle art

    Who doesn’t like to doodle? The back pages of our notebooks in school, the notepads during meetings all bore the brunt of our scribbles and drawings. But we never took them to serious levels, and the doodles remain forgotten. That’s pretty much me. Until I rediscovered the joy when I was in design school. I […]

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