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Design Meetup in Hyderabad | Creator Conversations

Over the last weekend, I had the opportunity to speak at creative design meetup in Hyderabad. This meetup was a collaboration between us at the studio and Indiefolio, an online Indian design portfolio based website. This was a first of its kind meetup here in the city and we were super thrilled to partner along with them to host the event. I had the opportunity to host, coordinate and take care of the preparations along with presenting a one of our projects at the meetup.


The preparation for the event went on for a month. I coordinated with the other guys on scheduling the dates, zeroing on the location and arranging for speakers. We finally settled on 3 speakers (one of them being me), along with deciding on what each of us was going to speak. The whole of March was spent on promoting the event on every channel possible. The promotions got stronger during the last few days, and we made our final preparations at the studio too. Alongside work, coordinating the event and a load of other issues, I made my project presentation. A straightforward and clear presentation is what I had in mind. I prepared my slides and rehearsed my lines as well and prepared for questions too.

Day of the Event

D-day dawned and everything was going smoothly. The number of people turning up for the event exceeded our expectations too; we had a decent number attending and quite enthusiastic about understanding more about UX Design. I took charge of also hosting the event, welcoming the attendees and speaking to them along with presenting a design project. The presentations went on real smooth, each one holding a lot of value in them. We even had the chance to network with everyone who turned up for the event. They were pretty happy that something like this happened, and were keen on more events coming up in the future.

Done and Dusted

Phew! All done, and back to our work routine. We were super thrilled the event went ahead really well after all the planning. For me, it also happened to meet a few of my goals for the year. Networking with people. Hosting the event was definitely not on my list of goals, but I am quite proud I have done this. I sure do look forward to the next few events, maybe even attend a few in the next few months.

Also, a couple of pictures from the event right below. Don’t mind the nerdy looking me, please 🙂

Image 1

The location of the talk/meetup

image 2

The audience

image 3

               That would be me presenting a project

image 4

All the presenters of the meetup

The mandatory group picture

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