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Floral Letters | An experiment with Gouache Painting

As I have kept emphasising all over, I adore experimenting with mediums, styles and techniques, be it digital or by hand. There was a phase where I worked with gouache paints after looking over at inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. I created a series of letters and also a commissioned composition for a Tumblr blog.

What’s Gouache?

Gouache paint is a medium that can be classified somewhere in between oil/acrylics and watercolours. They require a little bit of water while painting to get the paint to a paintable consistency but the colours on the painting will appear opaque, unlike watercolours. They are much more vibrant on the first application unlike watercolours, which requires building up. This makes gouache a great medium if you want to add lots of details, shadows and highlights to your artwork. It can also be used for lettering, where you can paint shadows, detailing and more without much worries. I am yet to try this out and am absolutely looking forward to doing it.

Where Does One Get Them?

Gouache paints are difficult to find at least in your local stationary stores (especially here in India). If you do hunt around online (Amazon especially), you can get a variety of brands of Gouache paints, some of the popular ones being Daler Rowney, Pebeo, Derwent, Reeves, Mijello Mission and Winsor and Newton. If you really want to get started with gouache paints but faint at the prices (I know I did when I was on the lookout for paints), go for the set by Daler Rowney. It’s on the inexpensive side of things and is a great one to use for a beginner.


































The above are a few of the letters I painted using gouache. As you can see, the colours are bright, pretty and absolutely vibrant. I was able to add small elements, highlights to the berries without the worry of the colours running into each other. I enjoy watercolours too for their beautiful fresh quality to it, but with gouache, I could get absolutely realistic and paint without fear. It was and is absolutely forgiving. And so so loving.

For more of the floral letters and ideas to painting using gouache, you can check me out on my Instagram profile.

A tutorial on using gouache will be up real soon, so until then,




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