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How Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone is the Best

Whoever coined this phrase, was perfectly true:

“The comfort zone is a lovely place, but nothing ever happens there.”

Well, who doesn’t like the comfort zone? Everything is warm and cosy in there and there’s nobody really to bother you. You go about your tasks and routines every single day without anything affecting you. You tend to live in that little bubble and over a period of time, you grow accustomed to it and never really want to do anything new and different.

Getting Out of the Zone

I used to be in such a bubble. Loving the comfort zone and quite happy with doing things in a leisure way. Until there was a shake-up which made me exit the comfort zone and step out. I was going through a tough phase in life and never really knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted to become in my life and more. Until I discovered the joy of the creative field and how I envisioned seeing myself there. This turned out to be the biggest decision I ever made. There was discouragement and ridicules from all sides, but I still went through with it (courtesy my stubbornness). This decision was way out of my comfort zone; I had to learn design from scratch, turn myself into someone creative and inspiring. Taking the plunge, I got through school, struggling and working really hard to make a mark. I learnt things I never knew, met people, learnt about the good (and bad) side of being creative.

On the way, I revisited my childhood love of art by getting into doodling, painting and drawing. I balanced school work and a rediscovery of art and I was finally in my happy place. Soon, I started to share my work online, and in a span of few years, developed a loyal following of people who are inspired by my work and send me samples and ask for suggestions. I experiment with styles, mediums and materials, thus improving my versatility and ability to learn new things. I have also recently made a jump to learn lettering and calligraphy, and I am absolutely loving it (and wondering why I didn’t start this before).

What did I want to tell out of this narrative? Had I not decided to get out and make a point that I wanted to pursue art and design as a career, I wouldn’t be here today writing this blog.

As the year progresses, I am out to break out of my zone a little more by trying out some exciting new things this year. I’ll keep you all updated as I work on it. I’ll also let you all in on my experiences and share my thoughts right here.

How You Can Do It Too!

Nothing is impossible in this world. It’s all up to you as an individual to get up and make things happen. Doing the same routine tasks, staying in a comfort zone and not really open to new ideas and thoughts is not really a fun thing to do. It tends to get monotonous and boring after some time. Try changing up in small steps; there’s nobody telling you to make a change right that instant. Stuck in a routine boring desk job? Make a small change to that monotony; do something you love in your leisure time; it could be learning a new skill, cooking, drawing, photography … anything you like. You will see a drastic improvement in your lifestyle. You’ll be happier, you’ll be excited to do this new activity and you will pat yourself on the back for trying something different. It’s all about trying things you have not done before, which you are scared of doing.

Getting out of your comfort zone has quite a few of it’s own benefits. You’ll become more open to embracing life as it comes. Self-confidence and happiness follow. You never know what you will discover by getting out and doing things you like, wish and want to do. It could turn out to be your new career (like me), a new hobby, or something that keeps you happy. You’ll look forward to every challenge that comes your way. And ultimately, it’ll make you a much better person. And you’ll be eternally grateful to yourself for taking and trying something you have never done before.

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