How I Got Into Art and Design | A Personal Experience

Getting into art and something creative is a dream I harboured ever since I was a little girl. I wanted to get into the creative fields, that was for sure. But as usual, life or rather unfortunate circumstances came in the way. Here’s a personal account of how I overcame odds to get to where I am today, and for which I am really really proud of.

How It All Started

Ever since I was a little one, I enjoyed art and craft classes more than the usual school lessons. I enjoyed my weekly drawing classes with an absolutely lovely lady who instilled the love of art in me. She introduced me to watercolours, painting, sketching and so much more. I attended those classes for over 3 years until school and studies came in the way. That was a mistake I made. I gave up all my painting and drawing as I had to focus on studies and exams (realized that they don’t make much of difference later in your life). All my painting and creative stuff got locked away and studying got more prominence.

During one summer vacation, I enrolled myself in Photoshop classes and that’s where it all began again. I learnt a few basics of the software and began experimenting with techniques, watched YouTube video and got myself hooked to design.

When I was in college, I came to realize that my creative skills got the better of me and made it a point to enrol in design school after graduation. I gave up my cushy job offer from a top workplace and plunged into 2 more years of studying and honing my skills.

2 Years of Discovery

Joining design school was met with a lot of resistance. I was almost brainwashed to trying out some other career, but I didn’t budge a bit. It took some time for me to adjust to learning, but after a few months, I was into it totally. I enjoyed my classes and professor was an amazing person. He made me feel super comfortable with the lessons and taught us really well. I had a great time learning and getting used to designing and slowly realised this was something I always wanted to do. Classes and assignments were challenging and exciting and I absolutely enjoyed working with all of them. Throw in a couple of exhibitions, design conferences and talks, and college turned out to be a lot of fun. 2 years just flew by and it was time for goodbyes and getting into the real world.


I spent 6 months freelancing while attending interviews for design jobs. Interviews took me to multiple cities. I cleared most of them, some of them had ridiculous demands, and some just didn’t work out. Finally, I landed a job right in the city where I live. I started out as a Graphic Designer and slowly started shifting to UX Design. For me, the good luck happened in the form of an amazing mentor who guided me throughout the learning stages. I am now more of a UX Designer than a graphic one, though I do the latter too, occasionally.

In between all of this, I got back to drawing and painting. My first shot at doodling came from being inspired by a gorgeous magazine cover in my college library. I continued doodling, painting and drawing and meanwhile discovered working with paper and other painting mediums. I have slowly gained prowess and continue to keep learning every single day. Today, I work with lettering, watercolours, paper art, doodles and mandalas. These give me ample stress relief from work and personal issues, and I absolutely enjoy working on small paintings and drawings from time to time.


Life’s not smooth. I accept that. Through multiple hurdles and challenges, I made it to what I am today. I am happy with my job, with my work and with what I have become today. I have become more confident, more thoughtful and more helpful and patient with whatever I do. Struggles happen with everyone, all it matters is how you pull through it. Stay calm, don’t beat yourself up when nothing goes your way. Things will eventually work out and you will look back and be proud of what you have achieved and tackled.


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