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How To Maintain a Healthy Work Life Balance

In this busy, busy competitive, “I need to be the best” kind of a world we are in at the moment, sometimes, we do forget that we need to take a break and relax. We are so hell-bent on beating the next person, making more money, becoming super competitive and ambitious (that’s not bad at all, I am just saying take it down a notch, and make your goals realistic), we tend to forget that we also need to live a proper life. It’s not always about work, work and more work. Stop that, and make it a point to embrace life too. Let’s see how you can do that.

Personal Experience

I can relate to what I just said in the previous paragraph. Currently, I am so into my career and making all these ambitious goals, which isn’t giving me the time to embrace life. This has resulted in pushing back vacations and spending time with family because of work commitments and trying to get in a lot of personal work done. I have come to realise that working like crazy is not going to get me anywhere unless I learn to balance work and things happening in life. So now, I am slowly embracing the thought of stepping back a little and getting my life in place.

Tips for Maintaining the Work-Life Balance

Here a few tips that I am slowly adopting in my daily life to make sure I have a healthy balance between work, personal work and life.

1. After getting back home from a long day at work, don’t open your laptop and get to work again. Believe me, nothing is going to happen within the next few hours. Relax, read a book, draw, paint, spend some time with family or friends. Too much stress is not good for you in the long run. Unless it’s an absolute emergency, please don’t carry your work home.

2. Detox. Switch off your laptop and stay away from social media for a couple of days or over a weekend. Social media can wait for a few days. Digital detox is amazing. You can actually live life without the need of having to impress strangers, show off the things you do with every person and share every little bit of detail of your life.

3. Take some time off from work. Go for a holiday, take a mini-vacation to any place you like and chill your heart out. Nothing beats a good break from everything happening around. You will get back refreshed and ready to tackle everything anything that comes right at you.

4. Pick up a hobby. Any hobby. Learn how to doodle, paint, draw, sculpt, cook, a musical instrument or just read your favourite book. Nothing beats taking up a doing something different from your usual work routine. It offers a refreshing change from your work and will help improve your mood and reduce stress.

5. Go for a walk, run, take a swim or play any sport you like. Basically, keep yourself active and moving. Not only will it help keep you fit, but exercise is a great stress buster, keeps you active through the day and also in a good mood.

6. Before you get nuts about the things you need to do, make yourself a list of goals for the year or tasks you need to accomplish for that particula month/week. Listing out whatever needs to be done helps you plan how you can accomplish your things and when you can give yourself some time off, thus keeping you stress free and considerably happy.

Final Thoughts

We all have busy lives. Understandable. But we also shouldn’t take our personal life for granted. Take some time off from everything, shut down and just relax. People may ridicule you for stopping everything because “things are competitive, don’t do this, don’t do that …” but do not bother about what other people think. It’s your life, you can live it in your own terms. As long as you are happy, that’s more than enough. Ensure you maintain a proper work and life balance to keep things stress free. Spend time doing something you love, with your friends and family, or just relax. Nothing will go well if you keep worrying about things that will/will not happen. Keep calm and go on.

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