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    UI & Interaction Design | Designing an App for Kids

    The Brief An absolute quickie of a project where the UI needed to be delivered in 4 days, the development in a week and the launch immediately after. The project was for a prominent charitable & spiritual foundation who also happen to run a school for kids. We were given the brief of the project […]

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  • Hereapp Feature Image

    UX Strategy | Drive-in Food Ordering Mobile Application

    Brief The brief was to create a mobile app which made it easy for people to order at drive-ins from the comfort of their cars itself. Users would be able to order food from the restaurant within the drive-ins, place group orders and also book tables and make reservations (at a later stage). Beginning We […]

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  • Feature Image - Job App

    UX Strategy | Location Based Job Application

    Brief The client came over to us at the studio and explained to us the concept and brief of the idea he had in mind. He wanted to create a location-based job mobile app where users could easily find jobs within a close proximity to their location. Beginning After the initial client meetings, I took […]

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  • wow patterns feature image

    UX Strategy & UI Design – WowPatterns

    Brief This product idea came out of a discussion where we found out that a lot of designers wanted good quality design resources like patterns, icons and others to use for their projects but were either unable to find the ones they needed or the resources were too expensive to purchase. We did find a […]

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  • Bitmin app feature image

    UX Strategy & UI Design – Finance & Receipt Management System

    Brief The client approached us at the studio with an idea where he wanted to build a two-part finance application; the first part where users could track their expenditures, bills and manage expenses. The second part of the application based for merchants; they would have the ability to manage loyalty rewards, points, send promotions and […]

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