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UI & Interaction Design | Designing an App for Kids

The Brief

An absolute quickie of a project where the UI needed to be delivered in 4 days, the development in a week and the launch immediately after. The project was for a prominent charitable & spiritual foundation who also happen to run a school for kids. We were given the brief of the project – an educational app for teaching kids about Indian values and culture via stories and activities. We also received expectations, design ideas and samples and the wireframes and flows for the app. All we had to do is come up with a clean UI which would be easy to understand for parents and kids to use.

The Project

I went through the files and kick-started the process of UI with a couple of sample sketches. After looking up the expectations of the client along with other inspiration to get some ideas, I began designing the app. I came up with the first iteration of screens in 2 days; with a design that encompassed bold shapes and a varied, colourful palette to reinforce the idea of a kid-friendly app. I chose to keep the UI simple and minimal, without an overcrowding of elements. The first iteration went well with the client, where we were required to make a few minor changes to the design. I didn’t work on the illustrations as I was not left with time, so I used the help of my graphics team to come up with the illustrations and icons for the project. I defined the entire visual structure and got the graphics also done in time. Within 2 iterations in 4 days, I was able to close the project along with the support of my lead and the graphics team.


What did I learn from this? Managing time. I learnt to handle and create an end to end UI for an app flow, how I could optimize and manage time to still deliver a neat design within a crunch time; along with learning how to manage clients and work on iterations along with coordinating with my team to deliver the project on time. This happens to be just the first phase of the project, so the chances of mess up and the need to change the UI for the next phase may turn up but this was a project that taught me quite a lot of things.


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