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There comes a time when everything requires an update, right? Well, that’s what happened to the studio’s website. After a couple of years of an old style, we decided to revamp the whole site with a completely fresh look.

Beginning & Process

We came up with a list of new ideas and thoughts we wanted to incorporate into the site. After this, we delegated tasks to each member of the team involved and got going. We finalised a design style after about 5 iterations and took things forward from there. I took charge of designing a few of the pages, drafting content for the entire site, SEO, designing the visual vocabulary and shooting and editing pictures wherever it was needed for the site.

We went through multiple iterations during the entire design phase and it was absolutely fun to work with the team to come up with ideas. After the first phase of development, we did a complete bug test and sat down to resolve each of them. After a long few months, the site went live and we couldn’t be happier to see it live.

Tools/Software Used:

1. Paper & Pen prototypes

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Adobe Illustrator

4. Brackets – for minor HTML and CSS editing.

5. Grammarly – for content correction and plagiarism check.

6. A Nikon D3200 Camera for shooting pictures at the studio.


I learnt quite a lot from each phase of the design phase. It was the first time I also drafted content for an entire website, I learnt a little bit on the SEO side of things, improving my UI design skills and so much more. I ensure I learn something from every project I work with, and this one too gave me quite a few lessons.


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