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UX Strategy | Location Based Job Application


The client came over to us at the studio and explained to us the concept and brief of the idea he had in mind. He wanted to create a location-based job mobile app where users could easily find jobs within a close proximity to their location.


After the initial client meetings, I took up the project because of the scope of research and ideation that it offered. I research major job portals and applications, made an entire research document, picked out pros and cons from each of them, and a made a list of all the new features that could make this app better. I compiled everything into a comprehensive requirements document and shot it off to the client.


After client feedback and approval, I started the initial brainstorming. I looked at multiple apps, did some reverse engineering here and there and came up with solutions that could make it easy for users to easily use the application. I had a constant back and forth with my lead and finally nailed on what we thought could prove to be the best solution. After the initial paper sketching stage, I used a wireframing tool to come up the user flows and storyboards for every scenario of the app. I sent the final flows to the client and that was the close of the project, as all the client needed was a direction for the application.


What did I get from this project? A lot of brainstorming, paper sketching made me think and try my best to come with what I could see as the best solution for the project. Without the design aspect here, I was more focused on thinking about the user and looking at things from the user point of view and the idea of coming up with every possible solution for a problem.

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