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Training page four

UI Design | Studio Training Landing Page

The Brief

With plans to start out on UX training at the studio, I worked along with my creative director to come up with a landing page for the same. The brief I received? Clean design highlighting all the features, benefits, and advantages of UX training at our studio; also keeping in mind the specific keywords for the content, which would help the site rank up in Google searches.

The Process

I hit up references and ideas from a couple of training websites and directly jumped into the visual design. As I kept designing, I defined the visual style for the site along with keeping in mind the consistency across the different sections. The design went through multiple iterations; based on the visual languages, the fonts and colours. As I worked on refining the design, the graphics team worked on the icons and illustrations for the entire website. With the illustrations in place, the design went through one last iteration to check on the consistency of fonts and colours.

The final design had a touch of modernity attached to it but still bordering on the minimal, clean style to emphasize the important sections. Along with the design, I also drafted the content for the entire page. I kept it straight and to the point so that anyone could read up and understand what the whole site was all about.

The UI was worked on in Sketch with the illustrations were done in Adobe Illustrator.


This was another quick and fun project to work on. I flexed my UI design muscles here to come up with the design. I understood how to design landing pages for SEO, how to create content based on specific keywords, maintaining consistency across a single page site and well, just the plain joy of seeing your design come to life. Seen here, a few screenshots of the final design.

The site is currently live and can be viewed right here.

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