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UX Strategy & UI Design – Finance & Receipt Management System


The client approached us at the studio with an idea where he wanted to build a two-part finance application; the first part where users could track their expenditures, bills and manage expenses. The second part of the application based for merchants; they would have the ability to manage loyalty rewards, points, send promotions and manage their customer base.


The client gave us plenty of insights on how the application needed to be easy to use and navigate for both sets of users. After multiple meetings with the clients and stakeholder discussions, I drafted a requirement document which consisted of a list of all the features, explanations to each of them and the complete navigational structure for both the applications. This document was then reviewed by the client; he shared his thoughts and feedback on it from a user point of view. With final edits made, this document formed my base for working on the design of the application.


I worked on the initial wireframes and prototypes of the application. I sketched my ideas down, shared it with the team and clients and worked on refining them with client feedback. Next, I jumped into the visual design of the application. I sent the client the first few visuals of the direction in which I was heading; once the direction was approved I proceeded to make the screens for both the applications. I also oversaw development of the project, coordinating with the developer, solving small issues and bugs which we found in the testing stage and got them all resolved. In between all of this, I also worked on a rather quick identity design and a one-page website for the application as requested by the client.


During the course of this project, I learnt time management and how designing for enterprise applications worked. I was able to deal with clients and developers during the course of this project and that gave me a lot of confidence to manage them. I loved the challenge of working on the entire project on my own and look forward to working more on such projects. And now, I am totally intrigued by enterprise applications and learning a lot more about designing and developing strategies to build better and user-friendly applications.

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