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UX Strategy | Drive-in Food Ordering Mobile Application


The brief was to create a mobile app which made it easy for people to order at drive-ins from the comfort of their cars itself. Users would be able to order food from the restaurant within the drive-ins, place group orders and also book tables and make reservations (at a later stage).


We started the project by getting to understand the market. I took upon the task of hunting various food apps (apart from the usual ones) and reverse engineered their ideas, read their reviews and what their target was. There was a huge list which I then compiled into a research document. I noted down every little thing about each of the apps, provided suggestions and ideas on how we could incorporate a few of them into the app. The became our base for building the mobile application.


I then came up with a list of scenarios and via discussions, voiced out the different personas and positive and negative flows. I drew out all the flows for the scenarios we came up with and presented it to the client. We went with the traditional paper and pen prototypes because the client wanted things to be sped up. We went through a couple of meetings, explaining and making things clear to the client. After we received a go-ahead signal client, we went ahead and created a couple of design options and even worked on the branding.


Unfortunately, in between, the client became non-responsive to our calls and the project is on standby at the moment. Nonetheless, it was a fun idea and project to work on where I got to make paper sketches, brainstorm the hell out and come up with scenarios and flows by myself. I enjoy the idea of owning a project, and this one gave me the feels of being in charge of one.

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