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Web UI & Social Media Management for Bengaluru Raptors

What was this about?

Getting to work with a team part of the biggest badminton league in India is a lifetime opportunity. So naturally, when the client asked the team us to take care of their social media (especially Instagram) and website, we jumped on board. I am pretty decent with a little bit of social media since I am quite active on Instagram and a teensy bit on Facebook and Twitter, I took control of a majority of this project. Our main goal was, as mentioned by the client – improve social media presence of the team, take pictures of matches and practice session, well-written content for images across all media, active posting and a quick website to let people know about the team. Before getting into this part of the project, we had already worked on their branding – the logo, t-shirt design, the look and feel of the team bus, character and mascot design.

How I went about it?

Before getting myself deep into social media management, I read a couple of articles on improving engagement and follower count on social media. Since the other teams worked on this way ahead of us, I needed to do some damage control. I, along with the team sat down and built a comprehensive strategy to build the social presence of the team. We listed hashtags, accounts that could be tagged, wrote down proper content for each post and began making images for each match.

Within a week of gaining control, the team engagement went up 2x on all platforms. We were taken by surprise and continued to push content regularly on all platforms and targetted Instagram stories a lot more to interact with the followers. The team received a lot of supportive and motivational messages from loyal fans and that just made things better. In between all this, I even designed a quick one-page website to showcase the team, matches and a gallery with images of the matches and practice sessions.

We made it to the Hyderabad leg of the league where we happened to watch the match and take a couple of shots of the players in action along with keeping the fans updated via stories.

Due to a hectic schedule at work, we couldn’t make it to all matches of the team, but asked a couple of photographers to take pictures of so that we could push them to social media. We created imagery for match days and spammed stories with a match by match update. We even kept ourselves active on Facebook and Twitter, publishing content and pushing tweets to engage with the fans and followers.

Team Bengaluru wins!

The team and I decided we would make it for the Bengaluru leg of the league so that we could ourselves capture shots of the matches and the team’s practice sessions. The practice sessions were interesting and fun to capture; we got a huge load of videos, slow-mos, pictures and even went live on Instagram so fans could watch the team practice. Needless to say, the fan following went into raptures when they got the opportunity to see a live practice session of the team.

We watched as the team progressed to 3rd place on the league table to making it to the semi-finals and reaching the finals too with a comprehensive win. The finals was a packed affair and we made full use of the city support to grow the following on all platforms. Finals day was super exciting with a huge crowd following the team bus to the stadium, taking pictures with the players and the Raptor mascot (which we designed). Each match was tense, and the tension was thick in the crowd. We managed to capture a lot of crowd pictures, player pictures and even happened to go live at the last point of the match. And what a win it was. The crowd at the stadium roared with delight and we had the great opportunity to be a part of it. All this content is still getting pushed onto platforms because everyone is still on a high from winning the tournament.

Noteworthy Deliverables

  • in the almost a month of managing Instagram, the following has gone up 10x and the number of profile visits went up 5x.
  • twitter engagement went up 3x with follower count increasing by about 500 from the time we took control of the page.
  • facebook engagement up 4x and follower count up 2x.
  • increased fan engagement via Instagram live sessions where views went up from 6 visitors in the beginning to about 40-50 visitors afterwards for each live session.

Current and Future Plans?

The studio where I work at is on contract to even work for the next edition of PBL with the Bengaluru team. Our focus will be to elevate the presence of the team a lot more. Grow Instagram, Twitter and Facebook 3-5x more with continuous engagement and content. A brand new extensive website is also in the works which extra sections, content and imagery. I absolutely look forward to the pressures and further challenges of managing the social media and building the new website.

What did I learn from this project? Everything about social media. How to increase and work on engagement and interaction with users, creating lot of fun yet engaging imagery for the platforms, experimenting with content, hashtags and social media tools to make sure everything went smoothly.

The site can be viewed right here. The site is currently getting updated, so there may be minor issues here and there.

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