Services Offered

All that I can, will and consider myself capable of doing

  • UX Design

    UX Strategy & Design

    UX Strategy and Design is something I picked up on my own and aim on growing in the field in the coming years. I am comfortable with the good old pen and paper strategy to come with solutions to problems. I then use the digital medium to refine and present my ideas. I can do paper prototypes, draw storyboards and wireframes, build wireframes and prototypes online using a variety of tools, work on visual design and sometimes coordinate with developers during the development stage. I am also open to creating requirement and business documents, perform intense user and market research and perform usability audits.

  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Graphic Design is how I got into the field, so it still remains something I love to do. I am good with creating icons, patterns, illustrations for projects and keep experimenting on them from time to time. I am good with developing logos and identities, designing business cards, brochures, menus, leaflets, packaging and even designing invitations for special occasions.

  • Content Writing & SEO

    I enjoy writing every once in a while and have contributed articles, stories and reviews to a couple of websites online. I aim at crafting and creating well-thought off content as per the brief. I do thorough research, build an initial outline and then dive into writing a complete piece. Currently also getting into UX Writing because of the rising importance of good and well-written content for products and applications. I also have a basic understanding of SEO and continue to explore the field.

  • Art & Illustration

    Apart from all the serious work mentioned above, I also am an independent artist and illustrator. I can work with lettering, watercolours, inking and doodle art, paper and also photography. From designing illustrated letters to painting galaxies and abstract artwork to working with intricate doodles and creating magic with paper, I experiment with all. I also conduct workshops for all that I have mentioned every once in a while and look to teach more in the coming months.