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The joy of doodling and doodle art

Who doesn’t like to doodle? The back pages of our notebooks in school, the notepads during meetings all bore the brunt of our scribbles and drawings. But we never took them to serious levels, and the doodles remain forgotten.

That’s pretty much me. Until I rediscovered the joy when I was in design school. I chanced upon a creative magazine with a doodled cover page and I was drawn to it. The intensity of details of the drawing drew me in, and I immediately took some paper and made my first proper doodle. I remember it to be filled with lines and circles, each filled with smaller shapes and motifs. This first doodle spurred me to try more and I kept drawing and doodling since then. I came up with ridiculously detailed doodles, started exploring mandalas, and doodled huge ones that took me days to finish.

What I Learnt from Doodling

Let me tell you something I learnt from this repeated pattern drawing and doodling. It taught me patience; the time taken to achieve something beautiful is long, but the effort is worth it. It helped me focus on work; doing one thing at a time, but doing it properly. It made me embrace mistakes and taught me problem-solving; fixing a line or circle or detail gone astray. And most importantly, it helped me relax. Doodling and drawing mandalas gives you a sense of peace and calm you’ll not find anywhere (well, maybe apart from meditation). Just the movement of the pen on the paper and drawing squiggly lines is absolutely soothing. Quite a few studies have also proven that doodling, and now, colouring is super fun ways to combat stress and promote peace of mind.

Started doodling? What next?

The next time you start doodling, keep working on it. You may never know where it would lead to. You just might discover a creative side in you, find it a great way to destress after a long day at school or work and maybe even turn it into a career path. Who wouldn’t love a custom doodled cushion cover or a phone case? For me, it led to a project where I was commissioned to create an online colouring book.

Sometimes I wish I had started out doing this earlier, but other days I think to myself, I don’t really have those regrets and just continue working on something new. Right now, I am working on a quick mandala series where you just spend an hour, maybe a few more minutes extra at the tops, drawing a simple doodle from the corner of a page of your sketchbook. Follow me on Instagram to check out the drawings, and feel free to jump into it anytime.

doodle art imageOne of my doodles from the quick mandala series.

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