10 art and life goals for 2019

Continuing the tradition of making a list of goals to accomplish for the year, this year’s list is fun one and involves doing a lot of things. My goals for 2018 wasn’t entirely knocked out of the park and I did manage to get most of them accomplished. Workshops, trying new things, travelling, meeting new people … it was amazing.

2019 has already gotten to a great start with a few art commissions, work going strong and a lot of travel on the cards. It’s been a topsy turvy 20 days, but I have a feeling that this year is going to be absolutely fantastic. Finger’s crossed this year is going to be the best one ever.

  1. Out Station Workshops – Something which I couldn’t accomplish last year, but plan on knocking this off this really soon. Here’s to more workshops, more teaching and meeting new people.
  2. More Travel – More out station workshops equals more travelling along with taking occasional breaks from work and discovering new places. This year is going to be all about creating and making memories and experiences for me.
  3. Experiment More – I do try to incorporate a more experimental quality to my work every single day, but this year, I’d love to push the boundaries and dabble more with materials and styles. Mixed media art, blurring the lines of digital and handmade art, learning oil painting and soft pastels and working more with paper are the things I have in mind currently.
  4. Painting a Mural – Oh boy! This has been my goal for a while, and I somehow look to making this happen. (Anyone looking for a mural, do get in touch with me. )
  5. Less Stress, More Positivity – Granted there is a lot of stress in my personal life which hinders my creativity and focus a lot of times. I somehow try to balance it out by pouring all that stress, anger and pressure into my work. I am going to go all out and try to stay as positive as I can and let things go. Just take life as it comes and to not be bothered of what people think of the things I do. Point of the matter – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
  6. Take those Business Ideas to the Next Level – I have a couple of business ideas noted down, gathered every bit of information needed for it. All I need to do is to take it forward. Without fearing the risks involved. Fingers crossed.
  7. Get a Shop up – Procrastination got the better of me last year, where I did open shops but never updated anything to them. The latter part of the year is going to be focused on doing this.
  8. Maintain the blog – Oh boy! I sure hope I can do this. I always start out writing something and leave it blank. And forget about it. Let’s hope I can keep this up this year. Once a month, maybe?
  9. Money, Money, Money – Although I don’t really spend much, I sure need to keep track of my expenses. Handling finances sure is one of my major goals this year and I look forward to working on it, of course, with some assistance.
  10. Chill Out with Social Media – Granted it has given me a lot of new connections and helped me discover beautiful forms of art and design. But I am going to relax on trying to post too frequently and just enjoy what I do. Social media shouldn’t be too much about the numbers and followers; I look to just having some fun with whatever I do and I encourage all of you to do it too.

What’s next?

Nothing much, apart from the fact that I look forward to trying as much as I can this year, and hopefully, I can accomplish as much possible. What goals do you have this year? I’d love to hear about them. Do leave a comment below. I look forward to reading them all.

Until the next blog post,

Cheers! 🙂

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