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Splashes & Colors | A Watercolor Workshop

After a great response to the previous workshop I which I taught, I decided it was high time to do another one.

Over the past weekend, I got to teach an absolutely amazing bunch of people all about watercolours. This was an introduction to watercolour workshop where I taught the guys the basics of watercolours; from materials and techniques to painting some fun, abstract backgrounds and whacky galaxies. I absolutely adored the enthusiasm shown by each of them to learn and experiment with the medium without any fear. In the end, I got the proud teacher feels with some gorgeous artwork produced by each of them.

All About the Fun

I began the workshop with an introduction to the medium of watercolours. I spoke about materials like brushes, paints, paper, tapes and then moved on to techniques and washes. After that, it was all hands on where I handed over everyone sheets of paper, paints and brushes and let them experiment as much as they wanted. The energy was infectious as everyone painted with so much fun and without any fear, one would have thought they were professional guys painting. Each of them produced 3-4 artworks in the span of almost 2 hours, and I was left in shock and awe of each of their works. Even when I began to learn watercolours, none of my paintings were this good.

Image 2

Finally …

It was a great experience to meet new people, knowing them and their amazing response to the workshop. I am still on cloud nine on how well the workshop went and look forward to doing more of these in the future. Check out some of the pictures of the workshop down here.

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